What is the Difference Between 100% Natural, Roasted & Ground Cocoa Beans vs. Commercial Cocoa Powders

Many people think of drinking cocoa as what we have come to term in America as “hot cocoa or hot chocolate.”  Typical commercial ‘hot cocoa powder’ and hot chocolate drink mixes contain unnatural and unhealthy ingredients including sugar, corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, dairy, artificial colors and artificial flavors as well as other chemical and unnatural ingredients.  Even the more “healthy” cocoa powders available on the market are still processed with alkali, a process known as Dutch processing.  Most consumers are unaware of the fact that Dutch processing removes or significantly reduces many of the natural health benefits contained in natural cocoa beans.  In contrast to Dutch processed cocoa, 100% natural, roasted and ground cocoa beans, like those available through CocoaJoe, retain the cocoa beans natural high antioxidant and other health properties.   So when you are looking for the health benefits of cocoa without sacrificing great taste, choose 100% all natural, roasted and ground cocoa beans available through CocoaJoe.

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