What is Brewing Cocoa?

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Brewing cocoa is created from the cocoa bean.  Cocoa beans are grown in warm humid regions of the world located within 20 degrees of the equator, including countries like Peru, Venezuela, Columbia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guatemala, Dominican Republic and Ghana to name a few.  Cocoa beans were originally discovered by the ancient Mayan civilization, consumed by kings and rulers as an elite beverage.  Today we know that the Cocoa bean is a superfood, containing the highest anti-oxidant properties than any other food or beverage.  100 grams of raw cocoa bean contains 2 times the amount of anti-oxidants contained in 1 cup of wild blueberries and 3 times the amount of 1 cup of cultivated blueberries (the type typically purchased in your local grocers)!

Brewing cocoa is produced by removing the raw cocoa beans from their pods, fermenting them and then drying them on platforms exposed to the warmth of the sun.  Once the beans are dried, they can be shipped around the world.

To produce the brewing cocoa, the dried beans are roasted then ground.    The roasted, ground beans are brewed by adding them to a kettle of boiling hot water and allowing them to simmer for at least 10 minutes. Preparing brewing cocoa is unlike coffee in the sense that brewing cocoa becomes more flavorful and robust the longer it bathes in hot water, where coffee becomes more bitter.  Also, unlike ground coffee, with brewing cocoa you can reuse the brewed grounds at least twice to produce the same flavorful, great tasting cup of brewed cocoa you achieved with the first brew, extending the value of the ground cocoa beans to produce a higher volume of the brewed beverage.

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