Cocoa Beans are like a fine wine grape… they contain under notes and flavors that are unique only to that varietal and the country they were grown in. Use our flavor notes below to choose the country and varietal that will best suit your tastes:

Best Sellers:
Colombian From an area of Colombia that is known for its exquisite and delicate flavor. This cocoa was one of our firsts and remains a favorite of long time drinkers. Good solid chocolate finish to this one…
Cumboto (Venezuela)- “…true Criollo varietal and carry some very nice nut and smoke under notes, along with a wonderful cocoa finish.” This bean is quickly becoming a favorite of ours.

Central&South Americans:
VenezuelansCumboto : Patanemo : Wild Amazonas … These beans are all sourced from small family or community owned farms, not only do they offer great flavors – they each offer a different compelling story.
Ecuador Our strongest Dark Chocolate finishing bean – Try this bean if you are looking for a darker roast and a more ‘espresso’ like bitterness.

Ghana This bean offers one of the best chocolate-y finishes of all of our beans…

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