Ice Your CocoaJoe

Due to working Farmers Markets in super high temperatures, we have discovered that Brewing Cocoa is excellent over ice! We have decided to call this iced drink ….

CocoaAqua-Chocolate Water

Brew CocoaJoe per the ‘CocoaJoe Concentrate’ recipe …. Pour Concentrate in to a pitcher and allow it to cool in the refrigerator for at least an hour (pouring hot concentrate directly over ice is not recommended – unless you want to water down your concentrate) … Pour chilled concentrate over ice and adjust to fit your tastes! We suggest half½ coconut milk (vanilla or unsweetened); Almond milk (vanilla, plain, chocolate); Agave; Sugar; Honey or whichever sweetener you prefer.

This is an AWESOME way to enjoy your CocoaJoe through these sweltering days of summer!!

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