Why do you say CocoaJoe contains “No Caffeine”?

Why do you say CocoaJoe contains “No Caffeine”, when caffeine is listed in the ingredients both in Chocolate and Cocoa?

In truth – CocoaJoe and any ‘naturally processed’ cocoa bean and/or chocolate, in general, contains little to no caffeine. This is shown in FDA testing and can be found on the internet on multiple health and wellness sites.

 The misconception that cocoa beans and chocolate contain caffeine seems to be based on the general confusion between two similar alkaloid structures:  Caffeine and Theobromine… the two stimulants, though related, and have like chemical structures… they have very different effects and origins… this is true, but , Chocolate and Cocoa makers worldwide have never listed ‘Theobromine’ as a chemical inclusion – always listing ‘Caffeine’, never ‘Theobromine’. …why??…  My guess is that the chocolate makers and cocoa producers of the world found it easier to list caffeine as a chemical inclusion than to explain the differences and benefits between Theobromine and Caffeine!!  Caffeine is a known and accepted chemical – Heck,  it drove the ‘Industrial Revolution’ and almost everybody has at one time used it or even been addicted to the stuff!!… but, Theobromine is a unknown chemical in need of explanation… it’s just a guess – totally a theory… but I think it was just  easier to say ‘Caffeine” and not have to explain ‘Theobromine’.

A study completed in 1993 – (source: The Biochemist April/May 1993, pg. 15) showed that chocolate and/or naturally processed cocoa contained both Theobromine and Serotonin (an organic compound that is considered a neurotransmitter that enhances mood; energy; mental focus; improved sleep patterns; subdues anxiety and helps to decrease body fat thru increased metabolism) but no detectable Caffeine!
Theobromine does have stimulant properties and could definitely be attributed to the ‘caffeine-like’ effects that people experience when eating chocolate or drinking naturally processed cocoa. However, the effects from the two alkaloids are very different – Caffeine has a quick, intense onset and is addictive… Theobromine has a slower, milder onset; is longer lasting and is non-addictive.

Though caffeine is found in some types of Cocoa Beans – exclusively the Criollo variety (which is actually the smallest percentage of cocoa beans grown in the world – it is also considered the first and finest variety in existence… however, due to its low output and disease resistance issues, it is also the least produced variety ). Most of the Cocoa Beans in large production are the Trinatario and Forastero varieties… both contain little to no caffeine. This being the case, CocoaJoe and most naturally produced and processed brewing cocoa will contain from “none” to “trace” -1k to 2k parts per Million – of caffeine.

If you have ANY question or concern about the caffeine levels or whether they will affect you negatively – we strongly recommend you speak with your doctor before adding CocoaJoe – Premium Brewing Cocoa to your diet… we don’t think there will be a problem – but make sure your Doctor confirms that the use of Cocoa will benefit your health – NOT hurt it!
I started this company out of a growing love affair with the Cocoa Bean – I don’t make any claims or intimations that I am a Chemist or Doctor – I’m not… Just a lowly golf addict that is sure you will love this drink as much as I do… It gives more than a few people a healthy alternative or addition to their beverage repertoire… and … isn’t that what it’s all about?…. variety and spicing up your world with alternatives that are tasty and GOOD for you?

If you agree and want to experience “The Drink of the Gods” … then PLEASE come order at www.drinkcocoajoe.com  to get your next supply of CocoaJoe – Premium Brewing Cocoa!!

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