CocoaJoe LLC Retailer Application and Agreement

With account approval, CocoaJoe retailers will receive the following:

  • License to retail all products on
  • Wholesale pricing on all products.
  • Flat rate shipping on all orders – We ship U.S. Postal Service at the cheapest rates available.
  • Permission to copy product images for use on e-commerce sites.
  • Permission to adapt product copy on product pages for use on e-commerce sites. Substantial customization of product copy (for SEO purposes) is REQUIRED.
  • Periodic product update notices, including the discontinuing, adding or alteration of CocoaJoe offerings.
  • Fast processing of all orders. Most in-stock orders are shipped within one business day.

An online business account that you can log into to check status on your orders, update your account information, and much more!

To receive this pricing, you agree to the following:

1) Fill out the Retailer Application and supply all required documentation.

2) Agree to to not sell CocoaJoe at below MSRP. (see below)

3) Agree to order in case sizes.

4)  We ship flat rate USPS and and shipping rates have been calculated in to the MSRP.

New Retailer Application


* Partnerships must list all partners separated by comma


* For U.S.-based businesses, you must include a copy of your state-issued Sales and Use Tax Permit with your application. If you are located within AK, DE, MT, NH, or OR, which do not have state sales tax, you must submit a copy of your business license or articles of incorporation.

* For foreign businesses, please enter your GST, PST, HST, VAT or similar license number.


I agree to abide by all terms outlined in this Agreement. CocoaJoe LLC may suspend at their discretion, either permanently or temporarily, retailer privileges outlined in this Agreement. I understand that CocoaJoe LLC enters into this Agreement with a full reservation of rights and may amend this Agreement in the future with notification provided to the account holder within a reasonable time and opportunity to enter into a revised contract of the new Agreement’s terms.

Required Application Documents

After submitting this online application, please submit the following documentation to CocoaJoeLLC. These documents are required for application approval and must be legible when received.

1. For U.S.-based businesses, a copy of your state-issued Sales and Use Tax permit or Reseller’s License if you are located within any U.S. state except Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon.
If you are located within Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire or Oregon, which do not have state sales tax, you must submit a copy of your business license or articles of incorporation.

2. For foreign businesses, a copy of your GST, PST, HST, VAT or similar license.

You may submit the required documents by regular mail, email or fax.

833 S. Vine St.
Denver, CO 80209

Email Address:


Once CocoaJoe has received the documents, we will review and notify you of acceptance by email within two business days. You will then be asked to create an account on after which you’ll be granted wholesale pricing.

Net30 terms may be requested after 120 days.

MSRP Pricing

To assure integrity of its product line, fair pricing and an orderly marketplace, the retailer agrees not to advertise any CocoaJoe products online or at any retail outlet at a price lower than CocoaJoe’s “Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price”, hereinafter called MSRP. MSRP refers to and is applicable to all published, advertised or publicly posted prices for online sale, regardless of the manner communicated and irrespective of the format or medium of communication, whether it be by electronic mail, postcard, flyer, radio or television, billboard, magazine, trade journal, newspaper insert, website banner or similar ad, webpage, facsimile, mailings, pre-recorded telemarketing messages, or any other form of advertising.

CocoaJoe will establish, maintain and support an on-going MSRP program for its product line. MSRP levels will be set and actively monitored.

CocoaJoe is free to set its own prices and may sell products at any price in its sole discretion. The restriction contained herein is with respect to advertising, marketing, publishing or broadcasting prices for public dissemination.

CocoaJoe shall determine MSRP for all CocoaJoe products, in its sole and absolute discretion. CocoaJoe reserves the right to set, change, modify or discontinue any product, or MSRP at any time, without notice and without liability.

Unless otherwise notified, MSRP prices are not those listed on

All products advertised on a website or via email must be advertised with a price greater than or equal to MSRP.

All automatic email responses to price inquiries must comply with MSRP policy.

Retailer shall only advertise CocoaJoe products at prices greater than or equal to MSRP.

eBay and other auction sites policy:

  1. “Buy It Now” options must be listed at a price equal to MSRP or greater.
  2. Opening bids must start at MSRP, with or without a “Buy It Now” option.
  3. All sellers on eBay, or similar auction sites, must have a website or retail location.

Should retailer fail to comply with the terms of this Agreement, retailer shall immediately lose their retailer account and all unpaid balances outstanding to CocoaJoe shall become immediately due and payable.

CocoaJoe reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to determine all violations of its MSRP policy.



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