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CocoaJoe LLC increases profits for small cocoa bean farmers and their communities

By opening this new market, the smaller community owned farms or small farmer owned Co-ops gain an opportunity to sell their cocoa beans at a higher price and realize more profits from those sales. CocoaJoe – Premium Drinking Cocoa endeavors to use beans only from these ‘Fair Trade’ or ‘Ethically and Sustainably Traded’ cocoa bean farmers and cooperatives. These smaller farms are not able to compete with some of the larger growers and Co-ops, due to the high costs of certification and licensing charged by most governments. Due to these huge costs, these smaller entities are restricted to selling either locally or accepting lower prices to sell their cocoa beans on the international markets.

With the healthy properties of cocoa beans proven through scientific research – it is thought by some that the market potential for Drinking Cocoa could be considered to be as large as the market for coffee or tea! Plus, due to the fact cocoa beans have been scientifically proven to contain many healthy properties and benefits – no crazy marketing claims are needed – it could easily compete in the ‘Health Drink’ market too!

Drinking Cocoa’ (also known as ‘Brewing Cocoa’) is an innovative use of the cocoa bean. Offering 100% naturally processed cocoa beans – roasted and ground – then brewed into a healthy, dark chocolate tasting beverage. Since Drinking Cocoa contains no caffeine – but still offers an energy boost from a natural stimulant called Theobromine, it will attract a lot of interest from people looking to lose the ‘sour’ caffeine stomach but still gain focus and energy. Drinking Cocoa contains high amounts of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and flavanols – it can be a great way to add a healthy dark chocolate flavor to any diet without the guilt of sugar and dairy laden bon-bons!

“We look to use the highest quality cocoa beans we can find from farms that have really cool stories.” Says Tom Schumacher – RoastMaster and Owner of CocoaJoe, “We presently offer beans from Venezuela that have some great stories behind them. For instance, the Patanemos beans  that are from a small village in the Amazonian jungle that was started by slaves who escaped and built a little town they named ‘Pas Tenemos’ – which means ‘We Have Peace’. It takes the sourcing agent 2 days travel by canoe, going against the current, to reach the village and buy the beans – now that’s a cool story! … and if we can better those farmers’ lives and get everybody drinking cocoa – then it’s a Win/Win!” he added.

This exciting new use of the cocoa bean is actually not a ‘new’ use at all, but a re-introduction of a beverage that, until the early 1800s, was considered a norm. Many cultures have imbibed cocoa for centuries. CocoaJoe – Premium Drinking Cocoa is an easy way to add this ancient beverage back in to a healthy daily diet. Since there are thousands, if not millions, of people that are searching for an alternative beverage that they safely add to their diet (as with adding anything to a daily diet – check with a health professional with any and all concerns) there is market potential in the millions, if not billions of dollars!

About CocoaJoe, LLC

CocoaJoe is a Denver-based company that produces hand-crafted, artisanal batches of 100% natural and organic premium brewing cocoa. The company is dedicated to educating the world on the health benefits and great taste of this new, yet ancient, beverage. CocoaJoe endeavors to improve the world one cup at a time. The company is committed to purchasing organic cocoa beans from Fair Trade and Ethically and Sustainably Traded farms and co-ops. To learn more about CocoaJoe or to order their premium, organic brewing cocoa visit

It’s Healthy Dark Chocolate Any Time of Day!

Drinking Cocoa is an innovative use of the cocoa bean and it looks to join coffee and tea as a standard beverage for breakfast or lunch or as an additional choice for after-dinner. CocoaJoe – Premium Drinking Cocoa is 100% naturally processed Cocoa Beans – nothing else added … no sugar, no caffeine, no flavors, any preservatives or chemicals of any kind. This is the pinnacle of healthy, dark chocolate. According to Tom Schumacher – RoastMaster and Owner of CocoaJoe LLC, “We find the natural, unique flavors of the cocoa beans used to create our drinking cocoa really don’t require any sort of additive… they taste great naturally!” he stated. “However,” He added,”we have found the cocoa bean wants to be treated somewhat differently from a coffee bean, in that it should spend more time steeping in hot water. Like a tea leaf, the cocoa bean releases more flavor the longer it steeps.”

For people searching for a healthy alternative beverage they can safely add to their diet – drinking cocoa or brewing cocoa is the answer. Vegans should be excited by the fact that they can safely drink roasted ground cocoa beans with no worry of animal by-products. Most Drinking Cocoas on the market contain no additives and the cocoa beans are 100% naturally processed. Studies show that Drinking Cocoa as a beverage is considered safe for diabetics because it contains absolutely no added sugars – (be sure to consult a physician with any concerns regarding adding brewed cocoa to any diet).  Drinking Cocoa, with its proven ability to increase metabolism, is an excellent beverage for people on diets that are craving a ‘dark chocolate’ flavor without all the added dairy and sugar. Try drinking cocoa or brewing cocoa if caffeine makes for jittery nerves or the acids from coffee upset your stomach – the natural energy giver in drinking cocoa – Theobromine, gives a healthy boost and the lack of acids in brewed cocoa won’t upset the tummy.

Naturally processed and ground, the cocoa bean is very easy to brew into a ‘tea or coffee-like’ beverage that contains large amount of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Long treasured by ancient civilizations and used in ceremonial chocolate drinks by priests and warriors, cocoa beans were termed as a ‘Food of the Gods’ in the early 1700’s when Swedish naturalist Linnaeus coined the genus and species Theobroma cacao. For centuries the cocoa bean was used to create a beverage that was consumed because it tasted good – they had no idea that there were also immense health benefits to be had from drinking it. Unlike other natural beverages, the cocoa bean has a wealth of information available supporting its healthy properties.

CocoaJoe – Premium Drinking Cocoa LLC is looking to re-introduce this wonderfully healthy beverage to the masses.

CocoaJoe LLC is offering free shipping on their 2oz packages of Premium Drinking Cocoa. Order as many 2oz. packages as desired and shipping is included

CocoaJoe Organic Drinking Cocoa Provides a Healthy Chocolate Valentine’s Day Option

CocoaJoe, LLC, a Denver, Colorado company offers 100% natural, organic, healthy drinking cocoa.  All natural drinking cocoa offers a much healthier option to chocolate and commercially processed cocoa powders. As consumers continue to seek out and demand organic and less processed foods, CocoaJoe’s organic drinking cocoa provides a healthy alternative to commercial chocolates and cocoa powders, with no added ingredients or chemical processing.  Valentine’s Day, which is just around the corner, means increased sales of chocolate.  In the U.S. alone, more than 58 million pounds of chocolate candy are sold during Valentine’s week. That’s $345 million in sales in just one week and 5% of total chocolate candy sales for the year, according to Nielsen research.


CocoaJoe offers a healthy alternative to choclolate this Valentine’s season with premium drinking cocoa made from 100% all natural, organic cocoa beans that have been naturally fermented, oven roasted and ground. The product is as easy to prepare as coffee or tea. Simply brew the ground cocoa beans in hot water then pour through a strainer into a cup and drink. Healthier milks and sweeteners such as coconut or almond milk, and Agave or Stevia can be added according to taste preference. The smooth chocolate taste satisfies cravings without the unhealthy aspects of consuming dark or milk chocolate or other chocolate confections and pre-sweetened cocoa powders.

The health benefits of dark chocolate and cocoa have been extensively researched and covered in the media.  However many people are confused on the health benefits of natural cocoa versus dark chocolate, erroneously attributing the same health benefits to both.  Commercial dark chocolate contains ingredients that add fat, sugar and calories.  And too much can contribute to weight gain, a risk factor for high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes, according to the MayoClinic nutritionist, Katherine Zeratsky, R.D., L.D.

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CocoaJoe, LLC and Odell Brewing Company Partner to Create a Cocoa-based Ale

pr-image_beerCocoaJoe, LLC and Odell Brewing Company, two Colorado based companies, have partnered to produce a new great tasting cocoa-based beer called CocoaJoe Amber. Odell brewed the pilot CocoaJoe Amber on November 27, 2012 and tapped the new beer this week. This pilot brew is available in Odell’s Tap Room located in Fort Collins, Colorado, about 65 miles North of Denver. “After trying CocoaJoe’s brewing Cocoa, I thought it would be an interesting take on an old brewing technique. Using cocoa in beer is nothing new to brewers, but it is traditionally added to a heavy stout or roasty porter in the form of chocolate. The brewing cocoa is more closely linked to the source of the flavor, and adds a subtle complexity to a more medium bodied brew such as an amber.” said Eli Kolodny, Odell Brewing Company’s Quality Control Manager and brewer of CocoaJoe Amber.

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CocoaJoe Introduces Premium Brewing Cocoa Rich in Health Benefits

CocoaJoe, LLC, based in Denver, Colorado is a new company established in January, that produces and sells 100% natural, organic, premium Brewing Cocoa. The company sells minimally processed cocoa which retains the natural flavanols in cocoa beans, which has been found to provide numerous health benefits.


The health benefits of consuming cocoa primarily come from flavanols, a form of flavonoids naturally present in cocoa beans. In addition to antioxidant qualities, flavanols have positive effects on vascular health, such as lowering blood pressure, improving blood flow to the brain and heart, and making blood platelets less sticky and able to clot.

Researchers have found cocoa high in antioxidants helps adults to quickly and accurately meet the demands of complex cognitive tasks due to the increased blood flow and oxygen to the brain. Antioxidants are also believed to help the body’s cells resist damage caused by free radicals formed by normal bodily processes. A lack of sufficient antioxidants can result in an increase in low-density lipoprotein (LDL), also known as “bad” cholesterol.

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CocoaJoe, LLC Provides a Healthy Way to Have Your Cake and Drink it Too

CocoaJoe is a Denver, Colorado based company that produces and sells organic, premium brewing cocoa that is 100% naturally processed. Brewing Cocoa provides a healthy way to enjoy the taste of chocolate without the added sugar, saturated fat and resulting calories.

The Holidays are fast approaching and this means Holiday parties and office celebrations that will include rich chocolate candies, desserts and other chocolate confections. As a result of over indulging in fattening sweets many will pack on extra unwanted pounds; only to hit the gym and start new diets in the New Year in an attempt to lose the unwanted weight. To avoid this vicious cycle, brewing cocoa offers a healthy way to satisfy chocolate cravings. CocoaJoe is a Denver, Colorado based company that produces and sells organic, premium brewing cocoa. Brewing Cocoa provides the enjoyment of chocolate taste without the saturated fat, sugar, cholesterol, calories and unhealthy weight gain. To help introduce healthy and great tasting brewing cocoa to more people, the company is offering free 2 ounce samples for a nominal $3.00 shipping charge to the first 500 people to respond. Visit their website at to take advantage of this offer.

Piece of Chocolate Cake with Cup of CocoaJoe

Piece of Chocolate Cake with Cup of CocoaJoe

Although the concept of brewing cocoa is still relatively new to most people today, the consumption of brewed cocoa actually dates back over 2,000 years to ancient Mayan and Aztec civilizations. Revered for its great taste, medicinal and mood enhancing properties; kings, priests and nobility drank brewed cocoa daily. These ancient civilizations valued cocoa beans so much that it became a form of currency. Read More…

Move Over Tea and Coffee, Here Comes Brewing Cocoa

Brewing cocoa offers tremendous health benefits and a great tasting alternative to traditional tea and coffee. Brewing cocoa is one of the newest health beverages to hit the market, even though it is centuries old, originally enjoyed by the royalty of the ancient Maya and Aztec civilizations over 2,000 years ago. CocoaJoe, LLC, a Denver, Colorado based company is re-introducing this healthy, great tasting, premium brewing cocoa to the world

Bag of Organic Cocoa Beans

Bag of Organic Cocoa Beans

CocoaJoe, LLC is a new company established in January of this year, based in Denver, Colorado that produces and sells hand crafted, artisanal batches of organic, premium brewing cocoa. Brewing cocoa is the latest health beverage to hit the market. Many Americans are not familiar with the concept of brewing cocoa, often mistaken it for its altered, highly processed, sugar loaded and dairy filled cousin fondly known as “hot chocolate or hot cocoa.”

Brewing cocoa is completely different from hot chocolate. It is minimally processed, unlike hot chocolate which is extensively processed and combined with sugar, alkali, and other chemicals and ingredients that reduce its original health benefit properties. Brewing cocoa is produced from raw cocoa beans which are roasted then ground, similar to coffee beans, then brewed like tea or coffee in boiling water. Brewing cocoa contains no added sugar, dairy or artificial ingredients. There is nothing added to the raw cocoa beans during the roasting process, so the beans retain all of their natural health benefit properties. These include the highest concentration of free radical fighting anti-oxidants per ounce than any other food or beverage, nutrient rich vitamins and minerals, natural brain stimulating compounds, and a safe and mild, natural stimulant called Theobromine.

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Brewing Cocoa Satisfies Consumers’ Demand for All-Natural, Healthy Beverage

CocoaJoe, LLC has officially launched their new company and website CocoaJoe is a Denver based company that sells premium brewing cocoa through their website. Although the company does not currently have any physical store locations they are aggressively planning to expand into local and regional grocers, bakeries, cafes, restaurants, coffee and tea shops, and yes, even breweries. CocoaJoe is the newest arrival in the growing health beverage category, which has been fueled by increased consumer demand for healthier, all-natural beverages that are free from chemicals, sweeteners and artificial flavors and other unnatural ingredients.

Cocoa Beans and Cocoa Pods

Natual Cocoa Pods and Fermented Organic Cocoa Beans

CocoaJoe is one of the early pioneers in developing this great tasting, all-natural, organic, premium brewing cocoa. “Brewing cocoa is unlike anything you have ever tasted before, it’s not coffee, it’s not tea, and it’s certainly not hot chocolate. It is 100% natural, and contains no added ingredients, no sugar, no fat, no sodium, no cholesterol, no gluten, no added anything. Produced pure and natural as nature intended.” Stated Thomas Schumacher, CEO and Founder of CocoaJoe.

Brewing cocoa is produced by roasting raw, organic brewing cocoa beans, then grinding the beans to a course grind after they have cooled. Preparing the ground cocoa is similar to tea or coffee, it must seep in hot water to bring out the rich, natural, chocolate flavor. Yet unlike tea or coffee the longer it bathes in hot water the more flavorful it becomes, where tea or coffee can become acidic or bitter.

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