Rock Bottom Brewery uses our cocoa to create delicious porter!

The Brewmaster at the Rock Bottom Brewery (16th St Mall, Downtown Denver)  has created an AWESOME porter using our Brewing Cocoa as a main ingredient! Brewmaster John McClure has developed a recipe that uses Brewing Cocoa, fine Coffee Beans and a little lactose! These flavors meld in to a wonderful dark porter that has excellent coffee overtone with some outstanding cocoa under-notes. These flavors combine to give a brew that John calls ‘Mocha-hol’  – but I think they tap it and offer it under the name ‘Molly Brown Porter’… Any way the first batch was such a success that they need more! John is presently doing a new batch  of this tasty porter and should have it tapped and ready in a few weeks. Check their website or give them a call to see what their current offerings are.

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  1. Waroot September 4, 2012 at 11:31 am #

    Randy Mosher has good information on brneiwg and old beer styles. For Porter he lists a year 1725 beer at 1100 S.G. and hops as oz/g per 5 gallons, 3.2/91.1760: 1069-1082 S.G. 1.2/34 Hops1800-1830: 1054-1065 S.G. 3.4-5.4/96-153 Hops1887 (American) 1056-1075 S.G. 5.8-8.3/164-235 HopsThis is just a small portion that Randy has in the book on Porter in Radical Brewing. He also has listed recipes to follow if that is something you might be interested in doing as well.

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