Brewing Methods

I have to admit it – my first taste of brewing cocoa was pretty disappointing. I followed the brewing instructions to a ‘T’, but found the outcome watery and flavorless. But because I was SURE I was going to ‘like’ it… I carried on..– muscled through – kept brewing and experimenting.. …and I have to say- I’m very glad I did!!

In my testing, experimenting and comparison stage, I tried all the different Brewing Cocoa products that I could find on the market- all were of high quality and had great information and facts backing their product. The only thing I found lacking was their brewing instructions and serving sizes. I don’t have a cup that measures 4.5 oz. or 6 oz.- so I stuck with the old-fashioned measurements – a cup is 8 ounces. (period. – unless you use Euro ounces – which actually work out to be a little more than 8oz. US). That said, I found that all the traditional coffee methods will work just o.k. to brew cocoa – Yep, you heard me right, just O.K. – some are better than others.. some just make a big mess, a weak brew and you have a disappointing experience and a bunch of wasted brewing cocoa (over filling the filter and overflowing a drip machine comes to mind .. serious – did it more than once)

With Experimentation and, most importantly, lots of consultation with my brother and testing on my wife -

I found there is ONE way to do it best! THE MAYAN METHOD!!

In a rare moment of brilliance Big Bro decided to try boiling the beans like the Mayans must have done. They had a pot, some water, some cocoa beans and they boiled it on the fire …… all day …. We tried it and it was GOOD!!… No, no … It was GREAT!!

So the MAYAN METHOD was (re)discovered!! Go to the Brewing Instructions page for further information on how to brew your CocoaJoe using this and other methods. Once you try the Mayan Method.. I guarantee you won’t brew your cocoa any other way!
From there it is up to you to add some cream, steamed milk (makes an EXCELLENT Latte), sugar, honey, agave nectar, stevia – whatever you desire – use your imagination!

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