About CocoaJoe…

I first heard of ‘Brewing Cocoa’ just before Christmas of 2011 – My brother mentioned they were using the product per a suggestion from their son’s tutor.   He had learned that the Theobromine in Brewing Cocoa was a safe, natural, healthy alternative to prescription medications like Ritalin commonly prescribed to treat ADD/ADHD.   Not a cure, but a viable, safe alternative to medicating their child.  On top of that, my brother said that it just plain tasted great.  He, his wife and their two teenage boys were all drinking it not only for the health benefits but because they really enjoyed the taste.

So began my research in to the Brewing Cocoa industry… and my love affair with Theobrama Cacao (the Latin name for the cocoa plant)!

I found each company in the market had a good product – odd bag weights and unusual serving cup sizes aside, overall I found the product/quality was good.  But each company has a different roasting process and offer a limited set of bean varieties from a static set of suppliers. I  felt there was an opportunity to improve the experience by offering a greater variety of cocoa beans sourced from a wider range of local farmers and communities in multiple countries where the beans are grown.

The more knowledgeable I became on the Cocoa Bean industry, the more I wanted to re-introduce this incredible beverage and ‘Food of the Gods’ to everyone.  So my journey began.  In the early stages of establishing the company I experimented with different suppliers, beans, roasting and grinding methods, until I came up with the perfect combination that is now CocoaJoe!  I sincerely hope you enjoy this delicious and healthy beverage and share it with those you love.  Please join our ClubJoe forum and visit us on FaceBook to share the many ways you and your loved ones enjoy CocoaJoe.

Our Mission Statement…

Part of our mission statement says “We will better the lives of all the people that our company touches…” – to that end, we have created the ‘CocoaJoe Farmers Fund’ where we will donate a percentage of our proceeds to better the lives of the farmers and communities that grow this wonderful bean!  As our product grows and evolves we will share the stories from the communities and farmers that are supplying our Cocoa Beans.   We want to give back to the very people that produce the cocoa beans used to create CocoaJoe – Premium Brewing Cocoa and CocoaAqua – Chocolate Water.  It is part of our goal to improve the quality of their  lives as they are enriching all of ours!


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