CocoaJoe Cocoa Beans come from around the world!!

All year we search for the finest, richest and most interesting beans that are available from Fair Trade Farms around the global equator.

Though most of the world’s beans are grown in equatorial and tropical areas, the plantations in Africa, Central and South America, Papua New Guinea, Madagascar, Mexico and some of the Pacific islands differ from each other in type of land, altitude, weather, and methods of growth. Most also differ slightly in how they ferment and dry their beans… each variation in humidity or heat can bring out different flavors and overtones.

As a result, the beans created by these countries vary in flavor and aroma…

Quantities May Be Limited…Make Sure To-Order Extra¬†of your favorite CocoaJoe!

By offering all the different varieties that are available we are not restricted to offering the same flavors over and over again… However, due to the seasonal nature of Cocoa Beans – some varieties will be available on a limited basis. We will do our best to stay stocked up with the finest Brewing Cocoa available – but if you find a flavor that you really like – make sure to order extra and be sure you’ll have your favorite on hand at all times!







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