Drinking Cocoa (aka Brewing Cocoa) is actually a re-introduction of a centuries old beverage that was lost to changing perceptions over time. As cocoa beans were associated more and more with the unhealthy additives used in making most chocolates, using them to brew a healthy, tasty beverage seemed to fade into the past. While we first called or termed our cocoa as ‘brewing’ cocoa – coming from the land of micro-breweries here in Colorado, there was confusion as to the word ‘Brewing’ … people kept asking me if the product was meant for brewing beer! Which it actually is … see our Brew masters/Home Brewers website if you are interested in learning more about using CocoaJoe to brew some amazing beer!

With the need to bypass this confusion, we decided to term our cocoa as ‘Drinking Cocoa’ … this gives it a clear, concise name that leaves no question as to what it is used for – Drinking!

Drinking Cocoa should NOT to be confused with ‘Drinking Chocolate’; ‘Hot Cocoa’ or ‘Hot Chocolate’ (all of which use added sugars and dairy) since it is created using 100% Naturally Processed cocoa beans with absolutely nothing added – No added sugar or dairy; No preservatives or chemicals of any kind… it’s Caffeine Free – not decaffeinated – cocoa beans are naturally caffeine free, but still offer a natural boost to energy and focus through Theobromine – a natural stimulant that is milder but longer acting than its jittery feeling cousin.

Naturally processed Drinking Cocoa still contains the Antioxidants; Flavanols; Minerals and Vitamins that are found in all cocoa beans… our roasting and grinding process doesn’t hurt them.

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