CocoaJoe Premium Drinking Cocoa is created from 100% Natural Cocoa Beans ..
Roasted-Ground and Brewed in to a Delicious, Healthy Dark Chocolate tasting beverage that is like no other!

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  • CocoaJoe Pecan Caramels

    Be Warned – These are VERY ADDICTIVE and I will have to lose about 5 lbs. since I created the recipe :) CocoaJoe Drinking Cocoa grounds are added for the full boil of the caramel – this infuses the caramel with a wonderful cocoa undertone… while the... read more »
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    We’re excited to announce that Green Salmon Coffee House in Yachats, Oregon has added CocoaJoe – Premium Drinking Cocoa to their menu and retail shelves! This wonderful coffee house sits just off the beautiful Oregon Coast Highway, just a few blocks from Yachats State Park... read more »
  • Sweet Cheeks&Savings Reviews CocoaJoe

    We have been being reviewed by a few blog writers – see our most recent positive review from our friends at Sweet Cheeks & Savings HERE! read more »

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